Awful Tinder Date Requirements Coffee Refund

Horrible Tinder Date Demands Coffee Refund

This Guy Might Have Just Exposed Himself As The Worst Tinder Date Of All Time

In what might be the worst first date in history, a London woman was shocked after her Tinder date asked for a refund when things didn’t end up going his way. The two had apparently gone for coffee and parted ways after a short but awful 32-minute date. Inside a series of textual content messages submitted to the particular author’s blog No Bad Dates, Simply Good Stories, the particular man asked the girl if he might cook her food at his place. When she declined, saying she simply didn’t feel associated with which spark, this individual questioned for that $3. 50 for that lady coffee back, following up with their / her financial information.

Lauren Crouch
Lauren Crouch
Lauren Crouch
Lauren Crouch

Pro suggestion, gents. Low-cost will be not some sort of appear. In addition in order to the stuff a good individual text the female inside private might just proceed viral, so assist to make be certain to help to create it good.

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